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phoenix - antelope and whatever's on the way

Hi folks -- I'm flying in from Philadelphia next month for a weekend of photography. Could you tell me if this sounds reasonable:

Land in Phoenix at 1:00, start driving north, catch a sunset somewhere along the way (any suggestions -- i'd rather not wimp out and go to the grand canyon? wupatki maybe?) stay for the night in or near page, catch a sunrise somewhere (any suggestions?) spend from ... say, 10:00 2:00 at antelope canyon, drive back to phoenix, catch a sunset somewhere (any suggestions?) photograph around phoenix sunday. or, since i've gone that far, do i drive north on sunday into utah, photograph something there, and zoom back to phoenix in the evening?

I figure it puts me either in a car or in a slot canyon when the light is bad for anything else. And I'm guessing that the scenery on route 89 is splendid the whole way....

I'm open to advice. Thanks so much. (also, any advice on where to stay in page?)

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